Knights in White Polyester: The Men of Prom Night

1980's Prom Night, the goofy slasher movie that was recently remade as an inept slasher movie, is the kind of film you watch when you need a laugh.  The plot is paper thin, the acting less than stellar, and the ending is so predictable, you'll have it figured out before the opening credits end.

There are only two reasons to watch Prom Night.
Reason one: To see Jamie Lee Curtis shake her grove thing (more on that later).

Reason two: To oggle the cute guys from a bygone era, when the hair was feathered or permed, the pants were tight, and the hormones were in over drive...let's take a look at some of these fine young men, shall we?
First up is Drew, the bleary eyed stud with only one thing on his mind.  Drew is dating a virgin, and he's getting a case of blue balls because of that...everytime she say's "no", it just makes Drew crazier...
...dude, watch the hand!  Oh well, I am pretty sure that Drew is gonna strike out tonight, but that's OK, cause their are plenty of more fish in the sea.
Next up is, Alex.  Alex is a quiet, sensitive guy.  He's also a DJ, he is what he plays!   But wait, he's  still not over the death of his little sister, no sir, he's still working on coming to grips with that...maybe all he needs is the right girl (or guy) to get over his sadness, maybe he needs someone really special, like a therapist.
Right then ladies, make way for Nick, the disco dancing fool.  Nick never misses an episode of Dance Fever, and he's seen Saturday Night Fever at least twenty times.  But don't let that fool you, Nick's dealing with some issues from his past, it might just be eating him alive.  But nonetheless once the needle drops on the record and the rhythm takes over, Nick can burn up a dance floor!
Lou's a real douche bag, no doubt. But he's got a fine arse, and everyone likes a guy who can wear patched jeans and get away with it - nope nothing wrong with a bad boy whose got a little junk in the trunk.  Trouble is, Lou's temper might cause him to loose his head.

And then there's this guy, the sinewy lad running around with an axe trying to kill everyone's buzz on prom night.  What's his problem?  And, whats up with that glittery mask?
Whoa, I guess this school doesn't have a metal detector, because someone is packing some major guns here.  Not sure what this bad boy's name is, but uh, yummy, yummy, let's just keep an eye on him, shall we?
And finally, who is the wolf in the  Qiana shirt?
And that's about it for Prom Night, oh sure, you should check it out, it's worth a quick look, but frankly it is kind of lame.  Still though, if you want to see some eye candy, and have a chukle, then by all means, go for it...oh and one more thing, wait until you see Jamie Lee dance!


Andre Dumas said...

Hahah Love it! The dance scene is the most fantastic thing that ever happened while watching a Jamie Lee Curtis movie...although David Copperfield in Terror Train comes close..

Ninja Dixon said...

I choose the wolf in the Qiana shirt, without a doubt! :)

Vince Liaguno said...

Jamie Lee used to refer to PROM NIGHT in interviews as DISCO DEATH years ago. That scene brings back great memories ~ and I'll confess to owning the soundtrack on CD and periodically popping in that little catchy tune(!).

Sad that cutie Casey Stevens succumbed to an AIDS-related illness a few years after making this film.

And how I miss the sorely underrated Anne Marie Martin (now living life as a wealthy widow after ex-hubby Michael Crichton passed). I used to adore her on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and other genre films like THE BOOGENS and SAVAGE HARVEST.

forestofthedead said...

Great film, great post. Long live Disco dancing Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tower Farm said...

Wow...the 70s never looked more disturbing than in "Prom Night." I would've given anything to have gone to that prom!

Fred [The Wolf] said...

The dance scene is EPIC! One of my favorite horror moments of all time! That's why the remake sucked...there was no disco!

J.D. said...

totally have a thing for alex. I always like a quiet, sensitive guy.