All of Them Bloggers : A round up of some great postings

So much craziness in the tiny universe that is the horror blogosphere - who gives a fuck?  Not me, no sir.  Just like Mary J said, no more drama...instead let's take a look at some of the better posts being served up out there, shall we?

Over at The Horror Digest, Andre has been serving up some truly interesting fare as she celebrates Black History Month. This is good stuff, kids.  Not enough has been written about African Americans in Horror - in fact, I can't think of anyone who has tackled this subject.  Go see for yourself!

The Moon is a Dead World has a great write up on the classic, The Haunting (the real one, not that godawful remake from a years back).  Read what Ryne has to say about Hill House - it's a real estate lesson for these trying times.

What do you get when you combine the snark and sass of  Ms. Stacie Ponder with the wit and wisdom of Arbogast?  You get one hell of a head scratcher of an "interview": not since Frost talked to Nixon...head on over to Final Girl and read it.

Zombies Don't Run finds Chuck checking into The House of the Devil - I love it when the young'uns "get it". Click here, and take Mr. Conroy's advice about being asked if you are the babysitter!

My "Daughter" BJ-C answers the age old question, "What if Jack Torrance had been a Jill?"  Head on over to Day of the Woman, and find out!

Matt is Puttin' on the Ritz at the Friday Night Dance Party at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby - Oh Sweet Mystery of Life, join him!

Speaking of Matt, what do you get when Mr. Suzaka joins the Grand Poobah of Horror Blogging?  You get a couple of swell guys bitching about famous horror directors who may have lost their way.  Check out B-Sol's latest Vault-cast HERE.

Over at Slasher Speak, Vince is working out some father issues as he takes on the remake of The Stepfather.  Did he love it?  Did he hate it?  Is Jamie Lee Curtis mentioned?  Take a look!

What? You bitches still craving some controversy, well, then head on over to Zombo's Closet of Horrors and let Iloz Zoc fill you in on why the Bloody Bloggers Award never saw the light of day

My main man, Te* has been running his terrific blog, Slasher Film Sanctuary for a while now, and recently he reported on The Dead Next Door - for some reason, I found this review hysterical...but not enough to ever rent the movie.

Dick Miller get's some long overdue love, and a poll of his own over at The Paradise of Horror.  About time, sez I!

And finally, if you want to clean your palate, and step away from the zombies, slashers, werewolves and vampires for a bit - by all means, go on over to A Touch of Tuesday WeldLaura Linger's little labor of retro love is a pleasant find, and a nice break from the darkness.  Tell her, Pax sent you!


B-Sol said...

Pax, you will have to join me on the Vaultcast one of these days--that is, if you consent to emerge from your veil of mystery enough for your voice to be heard! Hey, I guess I could always invest in one of those creepy voice distortion devices they use on America's Most Wanted...

Matt-suzaka said...

Thanks x2 Pax! And I second an appearance from the man of mystery himself on the Vaultcast!

laura linger said...

I. Love. You.

Not just for the lovely shout-out, which thrills me, but that you would include me in a Rosemary-inspired post.

"Hutch wanted me to tell you, the name is an anagram."


Anonymous said...

What Andre is doing is truly awesome stuff. Love the Vaultcast as well.

Andre Dumas said...

Hahah please do some voice distortion for your Vault Cast- but pick something good like an elf on steroids voice although I wouldn't be opposed to the Home Alone TalkBoy "adult" voice" .... "Credit Card? You got it."

Thanks for the props!

And thanks to you to PoT!

B-Sol said...

Andre, you're gonna have to break your silence for a future Vaultcast, too!

Pax Romano said...

Andre, I want that Alpha Dog voice from "Up"! ;)

Andre Dumas said...

Drats! Well when you need me I will be ready B-Sol!


B-Sol said...

Consider yourself officially slotted, Dumas! My people will be in touch.

Te* (Slasher Film Sanctuary) said...

LOL, thanks for the shoutout Pax! I need to get off my ass and write up some new reviews....cause ya know, I can't do things like that sitting down! ;P

I Like Horror Movies said...

Just when I thought I was caught up with my reading! Great finds Pax, thanks for the heads up