Nothing Says Christmas like Krampus

The Ying to Santa's Yang, Krampus is the demon who accompanies Saint Nick in some cultures to dole out punishments to  bad boys and girls...

...I think I have found my ultimate Xmas icon!  I mean who needs baby Jebus when we can have this guy!

Here he is riding on the back of Saint Nick...

...and here he is terrifying a mother and daughter - wow, what a guy!

Well, no matter who you let down your chimney - be he a jolly old elf with a glandular problem or a well dressed cloven hoofed daemon, I wish you the best of the season.

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I Like Horror Movies said...

Holy shit that is the greatest thing I have ever seen, I had no idea the Krampus ever existed, I am praying to him for presents instead of Santa next year