Movie Poster Madness: A Decade's Worth of Great Horror / Fantasy Films edition

2000's American Psycho (German Poster)

2001's Donnie Darko - sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion!

2001's other dark masterpiece, Mulholland Drive (French poster).

2002's The Mothman Prophecies was one of those films that really got under my skin.

2003's Dreamcatcher featured bowel dwelling extraterrestrial parasites.  Nonetheless, it was an entertaining sci fi/horror flick...from the mind of one, Mr. Stephen King.

2004's Shaun of the Dead pretty much brought the zombie film back to life.  Not only was this a funny, scary romp, it also had a heart as big as all outdoors - bloody brilliant!

In 2005, Uncle Georgie came back and brought the zombie's with him.  Land of the Dead was a bloody exercise that took a few swipes at America's political climate at the time.

Also from 2005, The Exorcism of Emily Rose was a real curio ... one part fright flick and one part court room drama.  Yeah, I know "based on a true blah blah blah"; in spite of that, it still was a very well made and effective movie.

2006's Pan's Labyrinth a dark fantasy, beautifully executed.  Another one of those movies that got under my skin.

In 2007, Cloverfield ruled!

2008's The Mist, another Stephen King joint.  An unrelenting, entertaining, gloomy piece ... and where was Marcia Gay Harden's Oscar?

And as for 2009: I think I've raved enough about both of these films -


senski said...

American Psycho - "Er ist perfekt."

Nein scheiss!

Unknown said...

Fantastic Choices!

Doug said...

I'd never seen that AP poster before. HOT!