My Favorite Zombies: Day of the Dead Edition

The Majorette Ghoul: From the University of  Miami?

The Junior Varsity Running Back Zombie:  Does that say Mailboy or Mailbox?

The Lionel Richie Flesh Eater

Zombo the Clown:  My personal nightmare come to life.

Junior Varsity Running Back Zombie, again?  It's the same number - but where's the name?

The Conga Line Ghouls

Mr. Living Dead Mom: No dishpan hands for this zombie house husband, he wears Playtex gloves when washing the dishes or ripping out your entrails!

The Bride of the Dead

The Groom of the Bride of the Dead

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Zombie Dancer: Even in death, Lillie still maintained the perfect Battement dégagé


senski said...

Trav'ling cadavers with atrophied muscles / Dried up and died with a lack of corpuscles / Zombies that drop when they're shot in the head / These are a few of my favorite Dead...

Pax Romano said...

Oh we found a song for the Xmas Pageant finally!

Arbogast said...

Day of the Dead is where I got off the Romerotrain. I hate, hate, hate the "celebrity" zombies, or novelty zombies if you will. Go back and watch the original and see by 1985 how far Romero had fallen from his own faith. It breaks my heart.

I Like Horror Movies said...

I know its boring but for my money Bud is an awesome, awesome zombie. Love him, and love tongue face