Pax's Page O' Halloween Links

This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween --danny elfman, "this is halloween"

* Homepage of The Dead, the ultimate site for Zombie lovers!: CLICK HERE.

* Craving a good scary movie for tonight? Best Horror Movies.Com can help: CLICK HERE.

* Freak out all of your Born Again Christian friends...send them this link, Samhain.com: CLICK HERE.

* Explore the Fantasy and Folklore of All Hallows: CLICK HERE.

* For all you lazy-asses, here is a place to carve a Virtual Jack-O-Lantern! CLICK HERE

* And for you analytical types, here's How Halloween Works: CLICK HERE

* Read all about the Ancient Origins of Halloween, CLICK HERE

* Halloween is Not Satanic, so sayeth these Witches! CLICK HERE

* What Fundamentalist Christians don’t want you to know about Halloween: CLICK HERE

* A Victorian Perspective on Halloween: CLICK HERE

* A cool listing of the 13 Most Haunted Places: CLICK HERE

* Sorry, no link for this one. Try and seek out the great jazz/scat song, Halloween Spooks by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, it's a wacky tune by a highly underrated jazz trio from the early 60's.

* They say that Halloween night is the best time to try and connect to the spirit world...The Online Ouija Board makes it easy! CLICK HERE

* Find out what famous folk were Born on Halloween. CLICK HERE

* Imagine dressing up as Chuck Barris, or a Rubik's Cube...yup, here they are a gallery of The Worst Halloween Costumes ever! CLICK HERE

* Behold the greatest Halloween treat of all times, The Food of the Gods: Ladies and gentleman, Candy Corn! CLICK HERE

Have a Marvelous Halloween, All!


B-Sol said...

Happy Halloween, Signor Romano.

Pax Romano said...

And a Happy one to you, B-Sol.