Robot Monster: every seen this one? Make's Plan 9 From Outer Space look like Citizen Kane.
Gotta love those "thrill-crazed space teens".
OK, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Don Ameche are in this one; do you need anymore reasons to see Picture Mommy Dead?
If Hedda Hopper loved this movie, then so do I. OK, show of hands, how many of you have no idea who Hedda Hopper was? Come on, be truthful.
Actually, this is my fave of Ed's movies, it's actually pretty good (considering that Wood directed it).
And finally, The Brain That Wouldn't Die. God-almighty, this freakish film blew my mind when I watched it as a kid. Seeing Virginia Leith's noggin on that cookie tray while the creepy monster in the closet yanks off the mad doctor's arm pretty much ruined me.