Pitt in Pain

Something about this picture from Cutting Class just cracks me up. A pre-fame (but still pretty buff) Brad Pitt is stuck in a vice while Jill Schoelen attempts to free him (notice the dull-eyed handyman in the back ground just watching).

Who knew then (1989) that Pitt would go on to such fame and fortune while Ms. Schoelen would end up...well, whatever did happen to her?


Arbogast said...

well, whatever did happen to her?

She got married and raised two sons she didn't have to fly to Botswana to have. You know, normal stuff.

Pax Romano said...

I can always count on you to supply the answers ... actually I was a fan of Jill's (even in the dreadful "Freddy Kruger's Phantom of the Opera" mess). I'd love to see her make a come back.