Mrs. Myers / Mrs. Voorhees

If the trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween II is any indication, Michael Myers will now be guided in his murderous ways by visions of his dead mother...

...Now, where have I heard this before? You know, a psychotic, mask wearing galoot, with mommy issues killing everyone in his path

Friday the 13th anyone?

Which means, Zombie seems to be cribbing from Friday the 13th, a movie that pretty much only happened due to the success of the original Halloween...oh my god, is this a case of the snake swallowing its own tail?

This is just too much for me to comprehend, I think I have to lay down.


BJ Colangelo said...

that picture at the bottom is great. i do agree whole heartedly. when i first saw the trailer i made a vlog with one of my complaints being the fact that now michael is killing for his mom? what the white wig?

Pax Romano said...

BJ-C, That Rob Zombie, he's always cribbing from somebody!

Star said...

i love rob zombie, surprisingly so does my mother, but i do feel like these two halloween pictures are so much like the cardboard cut-outs of so many remakes in recent history. his first two films were, from what i've been told, more original and i think a majority of his fans would like to see him go back to that. i know mama rose would be first in line for a film version of 'dragula' - her fave zombie song.