FRESH SLABS OF MEAT: Hunky Victims (7)

Victim: Jake the fireman

Film: Quarantine

Hunk Factor: Baby faced, good guy. Great smile, nice arse, friendly , not afraid to admire his fellow fireman's "guns", likes to show film crews the locker room at the station - as well as pointing out the rather large appendage of another fellow fire-fighter, can throw a mean right hook (when needed), knows how to give CPR, can take charge in a crisis, very handy with a sledge hammer.

Dispatched by: A crazed rabid man in a spooky old apartment house in downtown Los Angeles.

Played by: Jay Hernandez


Monster Scholar said...

So glad you're back! I was beginning to miss your posts.

Pax Romano said...

MS, my sister has been in the hospital (long story), she's a lot better now and my life is getting back to normal!