What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: The Signal

Yet another excellent indie film found its way to my Netflix queue; David Bruckner, Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry's brilliant sci/fi-horror film The Signal.

What starts as a seemingly early '70's grind house blood fest (OK ,it's a trick start to the film), is soon revealed to be an imaginative little movie about what happens when televisions, radios and telephones begin broadcasting odd noises that turn those who experience them into blood thirsty, hallucinating psychopaths. Yes, the plot is somewhat reminiscent of Stephen King's novel, Cell.

What makes this creative piece stand head and shoulders above the others, is the way that it is crafted; there are three separate directors, telling three different portions of the tale. Part one is the scary set-up, part two is a bloody black comedy, and the finale is a freaked out love story. And yes, as nuts as all of this may sound, it freakin' works! Boy howdy, does it work.

Another beautiful thing about The Signal, is that the acting is terrific. This may be a low-budget endeavor, but every one of the folks playing his or her part, strut and fret better than some of the so called "stars" I've seen in major releases lately.All in all, The Signal is a great find, give it a whirl and see if you don't think so. And remember, the last one out of Terminus on the 13 train this New Year's eve is a rotten egg.


Tower Farm said...

Been interested in this one...maybe it'll join my Netflix list, too.

Like you site a lot!

Pax Romano said...

Thanks Billy.

Just hopped over to your site ... I guess I know what I'll be reading come Saturday morning.

Jason Adams said...

I really liked this flick too, Pax.

And I appreciated the extenbded view of Justin Welborn's behind.

Yes, I'm eternally predictable.

monsterscholar said...

For two seconds I though this was a review of Frequency with Dennis Quaid. Eww.
I'm putting this on my list of movies to see. I'm a sucker for freaked out love stories.