Dr. Shock: Lessons Learned from Socket

  • Getting struck by lightning will turn you into an electricity freak.
  • Electricity freaks can find support groups.
  • Said support groups will join hands and share a jolt via a miniature generator.
  • Lightning strikes will turn a slob into a neat freak, a sex fiend, and eventually a killer.
  • Pray that the doctor who attends to you at an emergency room does not have a surgically implanted electrical plug in his arm.
  • Electricity freaks have great sex!
  • The main character in this film seems to have not paid his cable bill as all of his TV's just play static ... and yes, this is a nod to both Poltergeist and Videodrome.
  • A low budget does not necessarily mean a bad movie: Socket proves this. Even though the film makers could not go full throttle with this Cronenberg-like venture, it is still a fantastic and disturbing film.
  • Gay characters can be in a film, and their sexuality can be secondary to the plot ... who'd have thunk it?
  • Derek Long and Matthew Montgomery are not only decent actors (Long plays Dr. Matthews the film's lead - and Montgomery plays the intern/co-dependent love interest), but are hotter than Georgia asphalt once they start doing the nasty on screen!


Sean said...

Thanks for the kind words! You might want to check out my Gay of the Dead blog for Fangoria.com for more queer horror stuff.


Pax Romano said...


I really wanted to write more about this movie ... give it a proper review, but I figured that a silly little posting might pique more interest in it.

Frankly, Socket just blew me away.

I have added your blog to my list in the "Children of the Night" section. Lucky you, now all six of my constant readers will find your blog.

Take care!

Doug said...
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Doug said...

Thanks for the great, funny analysis of SOCKET.

As the production designer/producer, I'm always glad to find gay dudes who "get" our little movie.

I'm liking your blog - I'll link to it from mine.


Pax Romano said...


Thanks, and I will return the favor and link you as well.

You guys did a great job on that film.

Sean said...

Thanks Pax! I'm really flattered! What a nice surprise it was to find this review :)