Questions, I Got 'em

First, a couple of questions about The Ruins:

Why was the hottest guy in the film knocked off fifteen minutes into the story?

Did those "singing" flowers in the Mayan pyramid remind anyone else of this:
Now, a few questions about the American remake of One Missed Call:

What would possess one of my many objects of desire, Edward Norton to show up in this god-awful piece of tripe?

And more importantly, why didn't he at least take his shirt off, you know, so I'd at least not feel cheated having sat through this dreck.

Finally, was it me, or was the original version more complex and eerie? Didn't the re-make seem more a-kin to The Ring?

Last question:

Why, oh why, did I waste eight bucks on seeing the dreadful remake of Friday the 13th? This movie is so awful it makes the original seem like Citizen Kane. I am so sick of these movies and the ADHD style of editing and story telling ... ugh, let's kill off Mrs. Voorhees during the opening credits ... why, god why?

Oh wait, I know the answer to this one. I went only because I wanted to see Jared Padalecki on the big screen.

Damn you Jared and your perfect face and long lean body, damn you to hell!!


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Anonymous said...

I never did get around to coughing up the cash to see this, knowing it would be a waste of my time, but the presence of Jared Padalecki made me want to buy overpriced popcorn and see it. Besides his gorgeousness, he's a damn fine actor, too. I believe "Supernatural" is the best written/directed/acted horror series TV has ever given us (and better than most horror flicks) and he and his also-hot "brother" Jensen Ackles are a big part of the reason. But, truthfully, if they just sat there for an hour I'd probably watch!

Anonymous said...

LOL--Yeah the "redo" of F13 was pretty terrible. Each Jared's nice body couldn't save it. I'm glad it bombed.