Nick & Katherine & Chad & Michelle : BAGHEAD

From its poster's homage to that swinging 60's romp, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, to its Blair Witch Project meets Body Double by way of Friday the 13th story; Baghead is one beguiling and entertaining film.

Four out of work actors hole up in cabin in the woods to cook up a script for a film that will feature all of them. A lot of drinking, flirting and navel gazing ensues until one night, Michelle (played by the perky Greta Gerwig) has a dream about a somewhat menacing man in the woods wearing a bag on his head. The nightmare serves as an inspiration to the foursome's alpha-actor, Nick (the delectable Ross Partridge) and an idea is born: four people in a cabin in the woods terrorized by a mad man wearing a bag over his head.

For awhile, the secluded thespians continue flirting with each other, drinking and pretty much next to nothing happens.

And then, one night, Michelle invites Nick to her room. Later on when someone does show up in her room (and it's clear that it's not Nick) Baghead begins to morph from a talky indie-drama into a creepy suspense flick, faster than you can say "The Unknown Comic".

Who is the weirdo stalking the gang? Is it one of the troupe playing tricks on the others, or is it actually a Jason Voorhees-wanna-be?

Speaking of Jason, Baghead has one ingenious scene that parodies every Friday the 13th kill set up ... you know how the doomed of Crystal Lake tend to mostly meet their demise either just before, during or after some kind of carnal indiscretion? Well, in Baghead, it's not even safe to masturbate!

Whatever you do, don't sit down to watch Baghead expecting some kind of slice and dice horror film as you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you watch with an open mind, you might find yourself delighted and, surprisingly, spooked.

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Matt-suzaka said...

I just put together why I thought that bag head photo looked so familiar!

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice is a great film too, by the way.