Sex, The Walking Dead, and Existentialism: Zombie Strippers!

Inspired by the Absurdist Comedy, Rhinoceros, Zombie Strippers! barrels out of the gate with guns blazing and does not let up until the final tasseled pastie has been torn from the rotted bosom of the last flesh eating pole dancer.

Filled with over-the-top political satire(IE, anti-Bush sentiment) , lousy one-liners, and scads of philosophical rants, Zombie Strippers! begins at a military lab where scientists are working on a potion that will bring dead soldiers and others back to life to help fight the many wars that are now raging thanks to George W's fourth term in office. Through a series of foul ups, a swat team solider, who is now infected with the zombie virus (or whatever the hell it is), finds himself in an underground strip club called Rhino's where he eventually spreads his illness (note that the hapless soldier's name is Byrdflough) to the club's number one bump-and-grinder, Kat (Jenna Jameson). But see, here's the thing. When women get infected, they seem to still be able to function, talk and reason ... yes, they still crave human flesh like any good zombie, but they seem to be able to handle their zombie mode better than men, who just become your basic lumbering ghouls. Oh, and one other thing, once a stripper becomes a zombie, she becomes a better dancer and the clubs patron's go wild for her!

Soon the club's owner Ian Essko (Robert Englund) realizes that a living dead stripper means big bucks. Of course there is the small problem of what to do with the guys who end up getting more than a lap dance from the girls ... happily, a makeshift prison in the club's subbasement serves as a holding area for these zombie johns.

As the other girls question if they should join the ranks, and make big bucks (yes, it's a philosophical struggle for these gals), even our young heroine, the perky Jessy (Jennifer Holland), who hails from Sartre, Nebraska (can you stand it?) and only wants to strip so she can pay for her grandmother's operation; has a long dialogue as to whether she should join the fold, or hold out.Oh, did I mention that the film even references, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre? It's one of the real laugh out loud moments ... for those of you seeking special effects, you won't be disappointed - keep your eyes peeled for Jameson when she uses a certain part of her body to shoot billiard balls at a zombie foe. Where's this woman's Oscar?
Yup, all in all, Zombie Strippers! delivers. So good it's bad, and so bad it's good, this is the movie that Showgirls wished it could have been!


Johnny said...

one of the greatest things ever committed to celluloid

end of story

Anonymous said...

I agree!

forestofthedead said...

Fantastic film.