Lista del Top Ten

B-Sol over at the The Vault of Horror asked fellow LOTTD's for "a list of what you consider to be your top 10 best horror films ever made." And that got me thinking ... which I don't do very often.

Be that as it may, I came up with the following.


10: Looking for Mr. Goodbar: Technically, not a horror film. And yet, this is one of the few movies I've ever seen that scared the hell out of me. Since it was based on the real story of the life and death of Roseann Quinn ( a New York City teacher of deaf children by day, a bar cruising wild woman by night), the horrid ending of this film stayed with me for years.

9: Carnival of Souls: A movie that traumatized me as a kid.

8: Night of the Living Dead: Ditto

7: The Haunting: Awesome piece of film making. Of course, I am talking about the original, not the dreadful remake.

6: Dawn of the Dead: Any movie that can combine, gore and social commentary is aces in my book. Again, I am talking about the original.

5: Carrie: When the Cinderella story goes wrong ... always loved this movie.

4: Sisters: My fave DePalma Hitchcock ripoff. Seriously, this is one hell of a great film.

3: Rosemary's Baby

2: Halloween

1: The Exorcist


Anonymous said...

Great list! I haven't seen sisters, I'll have to add that one up on my netflix.

Adam said...

I'm kind of obsessed with Suspiria and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but other than that a solid list. Looking for Mr. Goodbar IS kind of horrifying.