Lessons Learned from Untraceable

* Kill a kitten on-line, and the world will beat a cyber-path to your door.

* Diane Lane deserves better than this mess.

* It sure does rain a lot in Portland, Oregon.

* Colin Hanks is kind of cute in a nerdy sort of way.

* Death by multiple sunlamps looks pretty uncomfortable.

* Billy Burke is HAWT!

* FBI agents prepare for all kinds of things ... except checking for the killer in the back seat of the car!

* As long as the baby-face bad guy, who probably weighs 95 pounds soaking wet, has a stun gun, he can overpower men double his weight and height.

* Net Neutrality will lead to on line torture porn.

* Sulfuric acid will melt the skin off your bones, but leave underwear untouched.

* Revenge is a dish best served on the net.

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