Where Have you Gone, Mrs. Thompson?

Nancy's Mom has got it going on.
A healthy breakfast always starts with a shot of gin.
Where have you gone, Mrs. Thompson?


kindertrauma said...

What delivery! Nancy's mom DID have it going on! They should have brought her back as Freddy's hell-bride! I toast her each and every morning with gin! You gotta love a lady whose gams can fit neatly through a small window!

Jason Adams said...

In all honesty, sometimes I truly believe that Marge Thompson is my favorite movie character of all-time. The fact that every single time we see her she is getting WASTED, pulling bottles of booze from under her blanket or the hallway towel closet... that's a lady gunning for my own gin-soaked heart.

Anonymous said...

Gin and corn flakes--hallelujah!!

Kitty LeClaw said...

"I've got something better... I'm going to get her some help!"

Finally, Nancy's Mom gets the respek she deserves. You iz so attentive!

Jack Veasey said...

Obviously I'm way late in commenting on this, but I'm so delighted you devoted a post to the subject of Marge Thompson. Ronee Blakley is an old friend of mine from my journalism days in the 70s. Aside from being great at playing a drunk, she can sing her ass off and write some amazing songs -- check out her music at her official MySpace page sometime.

Pax Romano said...

I remember her in Nashville. She is a great singer.