Resident Rip Off: Lessons Learned from Resident Evil Extinction

* Movie's based on video games stink.
* Fashion tip: A red cocktail dress and a pair of knee high boots is a perfect ass-kicking uniform.
* Steal some scenes from George Romero's Day of the Dead:
  • feature an underground bunker filled with scientists and military types
  • pretty much replicate the "Bub scene" (zombie domestication)
  • feature a chain link fence that keeps off the hordes of zombies from a helicopter landing pad
* Even though they've been living on the run, as a rag tag group of survivalists, the women will always have shaved legs, makeup and clean hair. The men will have perpetual five-o-clock-shadows and enough gel to keep their spiked hair looking great.
* Steal from Hitchcock and feature a crazed bird attack.
* Steal from The Ring and feature a creepy little girl with pale skin and long dark hair.
* Even though shampoo, make up, guns and ammo, food and grooming supplies seem abundant in the post apocalyptic world, cigarettes will be tough to find.


Anonymous said...

Nice summation of the inanities paraded in this film. I still reminisce about the boxcar of zombies in Mr. Goodwrench uniforms. How does one dress a zombie?

Anonymous said...

I saw this one. Wowser. Cute guy in it and some cool gore, but a total snooze.