Pondering The X Files Movie


Right then, first things first: Gillian Anderson is one fantastic actress. The scene in the movie when she confronts the pedophile, psychic defrocked priest (played by Billy Connolly) has got to be one of the most intense moments in the film, and Anderson played it to the nth degree. I so bought her as this conflicted Catholic, this women trying to reconcile her faith with science, trying to weasel out of granting forgiveness to this fallen holy man ... just an incredible piece of acting . Well done, Ms. Anderson, well done.

But I have some questions. If you've seen the film and have any answers or theories, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

Question 1:
The kidnapped women were all wearing Medic-Alert bracelets. Why was this? Did "Dr. Frankenstein" have a reason, was the medical condition of these women conducive to the mad-scientist work he was doing.

Question 2:
Why were women's bodies all used? They were trying to keep Father Joe's former victim alive, a man, with women's bodies. Why was that?

Question 3: I understand that the Russian man who works as an organ donor delivery person (or whatever they call people who do that) is the partner of the man that "Dr. Frankenstein" is trying to keep alive. So what happened to him? Did he have some kind of fatal disease, or was he injured somehow? I might have blinked and missed this.

Question 4: At the start of the film, Dana claims that she no longer works with Fox (David Duchovny). She then goes off to his house in the middle of nowhere to ask him to contact the FBI to assist on a case. It seems obvious that the former partners have not seen each other in some time ... and then a few scenes later, we find them in bed together and after that Dana mentions that she now lives with Fox. When did this happen?

Question 5: Does it really snow like that in West Virgina? ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey, just stumbled across your post so I'll give this a shot.

#1 I believe they said the women had the rare blood type AB negative. For the transplants to work, they would need a blood type match.

#2 I thought this had something to do with a gender confusion issue. Scully was modeled loosely on Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs so perhaps they were referencing that source material.

#3 Based on what Mulder said at the end about his connection to Father Joe, I think he also had lung cancer, which is why they kept him alive by switching his head to body after body.

#4 I agree this was a bit ambiguous, but I believe she was lying at the beginning. She and Mulder share that house. He thinks he's in hiding. She thinks the FBI doesn't care as long as he stays quiet.

#5 You got me.

Pax Romano said...


Thanks! Nice to have some answers ... the truth is out there.