Yo Otis, Where did you get that Leather Pride Flag bumper sticker?

After watching the so so horror/comedy, Otis, I found myself going back over one scene again and again to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing.

As Ashley Johnson's Riley Lawson is managing her escape from Otis's 80's Prom from Hell, she creeps by the bumper of a car where a Leather Pride Flag sticker is prominently displayed!

Say what?

Yeah, there it is. No doubt about it. Does that mean that Otis was a full figured leather boy? Uh, wait, no, he's obviously attracted to women since he's constantly kidnapping them, naming them Kim and trying to impress them with his dance moves and football skills...

Then again, maybe it's his nasty brother Milo (Kevin Pollak), he's sure a tough little bastard, then again, he's married (not that that means anything).
The mystery was not solved when I listened to the director's commentary... ah well.

About the movie: It is worth a Netflix rental for the awesome 80's soundtrack and the site of the wonderfully demented Kate Lawson (Illeana Douglas) who goes from suburban mom to blood crazed torture freak.

Back to that flag: I know that the Leather Pride Flag is now embraced by the entire cow-skin-wearing-hurt-me-please community, but for the most part, I've only seen it displayed in gayborhoods and gay bars.

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Jo said...

I don't know, man. I think Otis may be a man of many kinks?