Oh, shut up with your "Oh, Gods" or we'll kill you, milk or no milk!

Of all the doddering, old Satanists who lived at the Bramford in New York City back in 1966, my personal favorite was Laura Louise McBirney.

Played by the classic comic actress (and notorious lesbian), Patsy Kelly, Laura Louise was a chunky, blowsy broad who, when she first meets Rosemary (Mia Farrow), and discovers that she's having her period, tells her that during her red letter days, the pain would get so bad that her husband would give her gin that she'd sip through a straw.

Always a class act, Laura Louise seemed to enjoy knitting, standing around naked at Sabbats, and perusing the latest issue of The Reader's Digest (though the print proved so small, she often used a magnifying glass to read).

Also, something of control freak, Laura Louise thought nothing of telling Rosemary off when she discovers that her baby is actually the Anti-Christ and begins crying, "Oh God!" Laura Louise utters one of the greatest lines in movie history when she screams at Rosemary, "Oh, shut up with your "Oh, Gods" or we'll kill you, milk or no milk!"

And of course, who can forget the way she sticks her tongue out at Rosemary when the head of the coven Roman (Sidney Blackmer) tells her to sit down so that the mother can now bond with her child.

Laura Louise McBirney, my kind of witch.


Anonymous said...

And to think Michael Bay is going to desecrate this film.

Anonymous said...

Patsy Kelly will have her revenge on Michael Bay!