I Love You Seth Brundle

I've always had a thing for smart, tall, mad scientists. I guess that's why I've always loved Seth Brundle.

As played by Jeff Goldblum in 1986's remake of The Fly, Brundle is a fast talking, enthusiastic, scientist working on a teleportation device. Unfortunately , when he finally tests the device on himself, a common house fly enters the chamber , and after the actual teleportation takes place, Brundle is on his way to becoming a pretty big bug.

At first, things are pretty good. Brundle has more energy, a big appetite, and an out of control libido (I guess flies like to fuck a lot), and director, David Cronenberg uses these parts of the story to show us plenty of shirtless Brundle as he gets into all kinds of shenanigans like doing athletic flips, arm wrestling guys and breaking their limbs, and picking up bimbos for nights of wild Brundlefly sex.

Of course things start getting bad for Seth. First his skin starts getting splotchy, and then he starts sprouting coarse body hair ... and of course there is that unfortunate new way of eating he's discovered (throwing up on the food, and then slurping it all up).

Fans of the film know what comes next, and The Fly delivers; this is one of those rare movies that not only succeeds as a horror/sci-fi piece, but also as something much deeper. It's about love and sickness and disfigurement and betrayal and paranoia.

I'd be remiss if I did not mention Geena Davis who delivers a fantastic performance as Goldblum's love interest,Veronica Quaife, this is one of Davis's best performances ... and of course, Davis and Goldblum eventually married, so the chemistry these two exhibit in The Fly is pretty genuine.

That said, I can never get enough of this movie. The Fly turned me into a major Jeff Goldblum fan ... that is, I became fascinated with this wacky, oddly sexy man. But more so, with his alter ego, Seth Brundle.

I guess I could stand by a guy who is morphing into a giant insect. As long as his life insurance premiums are paid up. And when things got really crazy, I would just spray him down with a can of Raid, mount him on a wall somewhere, and every day when I passed his monster corpse I'd say, "I love you Seth Brundle".


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A great Cronenberg flick!

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hehe I have to agree with you - I have always had a thing for Jeff Goldblum that started with seeing this movie. You are spot on as always!