Lessons Learned from There Will Be Blood

* Daniel Day Day-Lewis's voice is reminiscent of Will Farrell's imitation of Sean Connery.
* Drilling for oil is time consuming.
* Baby's were kept in make-shift playpens designed out of suitcases back in the day.
* Drilling for oil is very dangerous.
* If you made money in the oil business, and some guy shows up claiming to be your brother, quiz him on your hometown before you take him under your wing.
* Drilling for oil is dirty work.
* A faith healer whose family you have ripped off, will humiliate you at his church, if you allow it.
* Faith healer's were as crazy back then, as they are now.
* Be good to your son, even if he's not really your son.
* The old man you've ignored for a long time has seen everything you've done.
* And finally, Never EVER, under any circumstances, talk business with a drunk oil-man while in his private bowling alley.

...ok, "I'm finished!"

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