Why Don't Pimps Commit Suicide? : Questions I asked myself while watching 'Southland Tales'

* Why can't Dwayne be shirtless throughout this film?
* Hey, was that Eli Roth being shot while in the bathroom?
* What's that little woman from Poltergeist doing here?
* Hey, when did this become Mulholland Drive?
* What the fuck is up with Dwayne and his fingers?
* A rift in the space time continuum? When did this become Donnie Darko?
* Are you sure David Lynch didn't direct this?
* Rebekah Del Rio ? Are you absolutely sure this is not Mulholland Drive?
* Is it me, or is Justin Timberlake a really a bad actor?
* The building is on fire? Hey, when did this become The Towering Inferno?
* Can I turn this off and watch Kiss Me Deadly instead?
* Cheri O'Teri? Amy Poehler? Jon Lovitz? Nora Dunn? When did this become SNL?
* A floating ice cream truck? Hey, when did this become Repo Man?
* Why is Sean William Scott's hand glowing? Is this an homage to ET?
* Why isn't Sean William Scott shirtless?
* Why is Miranda Richardson dressed like an extra from The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
* Did I just see a computer animation of two SUV's engaging in sex?
* Wow, the Rock and Buffy are busting a move, is this an homage to Dirty Dancing?
* Is Richard Kelly a genius or a self referencing hack?


Jason Adams said...

"Is Richard Kelly a genius or a self referencing hack?"

How about a little bit of both and a lot of neither?

Anonymous said...

Never saw this one.

Arbogast said...

It's the end of the world... and nobody cares.