No Country for Bad Haircuts

Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men is one scary mother-fucker.

Gone is the Javier of the past, the playful, sexy Hispanic hunk; and in his place is the psychopathic, single minded killer with a pneumatic air gun that he uses to plug holes into doors, cars and people's heads.

Forget your Jason Voorhees, your Michael Myers, your man-eating-great-white-sharks; Anton Chigurh is the new face of terror; an unstoppable killing machine with almost no sense of what is right and wrong (well, ok, in his mind, I am sure that his actions make sense).

Of course, while watching the film, It dawned on me that the problem with Anton was his hair cut! The poor guy has one of those Dorthy Hamill wedge cuts, I mean that might piss anyone off and set them on the road to sociopathic madness.

Would that I ever ran into him, I'd lead him to the closest hair salon and have them work their magic on him. Once he looked into a mirror and saw a less drastic style on his head, he'd drop the air gun, smile, and be on his merry way.

Yup, this ain't no country for bad haircuts!


Arbogast said...

I imagine Anton going into his barber and demanding "Gimme a Richard Hatch!"

Anonymous said...

Hah! Brilliant, I love the mental image.

Anonymous said...

I think he used the haircut as a defensive weapon - people always thought "someone with a silly haircut like that couldn't possible kill me" and then they were dead. But yes he was one scary SOB.