Lessons Learned from 30 Days of Night

* Josh Hartnett sure is purdy, but he still can't act.
* Barrow Alaska is populated by some seriously handsome bearded men.
* Most of Barrrow's population leaves before the 30 days of no sun occur (around November 19th).
* Oddly enough, Barrow has little or no Native Americans living there.
* A Vampire's human henchman is capable of killing every dog in a small town as well as wrecking helicopters and stealing and destroying as many cell phones as possible.
* Vampire's that frequent Alaska, while natty dressers, are messy eaters.
* Said vampires sort of act like the "rage infested" Londoners in 28 Days Later.
* It seems that Barrow has no Catholic churches, hence no one got to use that old vampire yield-signal, a crucifix.
* A vampire's fingernail can be used to play phonograph records.
* U.V. grow-lights can be used to quell an attacking blood-sucker.
* Apparently these Vampires like to play with their food.
* All Vampires speak in a language that must be decoded via subtitles - with the exception of little girl vampires, who speak perfect English.
* To kill the vampire, one must become the vampire.
* A good right hook, is as effective as a stake through the heart.


Anonymous said...

They still have phonographs? ;-) I am waiting to see this one.

Pax Romano said...


All in all, it is not a bad film.

Anonymous said...

I just saw it Pax and it was pretty good. Lotsa pretty bearded men,. It made me jump.

Bloody Mary said...

I hadn't even heard Josh Hartnett was in this, I'd only heard about the vampires, so my heart sank a little when I saw the DVD cover in Blockbuster. I've long suspected I might be an idiot, but I actually thought Josh stepped it up in this one. Did you listen to the commentary? He was SO upset about his beard!

Andrea said...

Have seen this movie last week and I too had a great time watching this movie. Overall it was a nice experience and movie is not bad as expected. It was a one time watch and second part was great.
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