Happy Birthday, Uncle Georgie!

How could this have slipped my mind?

Happy Birthday to the father of The Modern Zombie. George A. Romero is 68 today.

You know him from his "Dead Films", but Uncle Georgie should be celebrated for more than those (admittedly) groundbreaking films.

Seek out some of his more obscure pieces like, Season of the Witch, a film concerning a suburban housewife who feels that her very identity is being diluted by her existence as a trophy wife to a successful businessman . Then take a look at Knightriders in which Romero re-tells the King Arthur legend via a group of motorcyclists who live out the Camelot dream on their hogs (and make note of a peripheral character who is gay and is not played for laughs).

And as for you flesh eating fans, February 15th marks the release of his latest Dead Film, Diary of the Dead!

Many happy returns of the day, to one of the true independent film makers out there!

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Anonymous said...

I always think of the Silver Shamrock jingle when I see the Season of the Witch.