Six Reasons Fright Night is a Gay Horror Film

1: Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge is the hottest damn vampire ever! Suave, sexy, a natty dresser - Chris was one smokin' sucker!

2: Amanda Bearse played Amy Peterson. Amanda would go on to star as the uptight next door neighbor, Marcy on Married With Children -- oh, did I mention that Amanda is a lesbian?

3: Stephen Geoffreys played Evil Ed. Stephen left legit acting and appeared in gay porn films such as Leather Virgin, Buff and Gay, and Cock Pit.

4: Jon Stark who plays Jerry's semi-human companion Billy Cole, is very fond of his master.

5: Roddy McDowall played Peter Vincent (The Fearless Vampire Hunter). Roddy was a gay man.

6: William Ragsdale who played Charley Brewster, the teen in peril, has a noticeable bulge in his pants for much of the film.

sorry could not find a photo of noticeable bulge.


Anonymous said...

Also, I heard Stephen Geoffreys died of AIDS. He was also turned by the Vampire.

Anonymous said...

he didnt die of aids,he made a film eariler this year and was in interviews with the frightnight cast in march 08