Grande Dame Guignol : Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Name(s): Blanche and Baby Jane Hudson; AKA, The Hudson Sisters.

Location: Wilted and faded, somewhere in Hollywood.

Modus Operandi Jane: Prone to histrionics, kills with the blunt end of a hammer, serves rats and pet birds for lunch and dinner, dresses like a demented drag queen, lives in the past, still thinks she can make her way back into show biz, hates her sister, hates her next door neighbors, hates her maid, will sing "I've Written A Letter to Daddy" at the drop of a dime.

Modus Operandi Blanche: Whiny victim, prone to taking her sister on guilt trips, frumpy dresser, has a deep dark secret.

Camp Factor: Over the top, 10 out of 10!! Bette and Joan on the same set? Are you kidding? This is a horror queen's cinematic wet dream! But Ya' are in the chair, Blanche, ya are!

Played By: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.


Anonymous said...

"Maybe I'll talk to that nice Dr. Shelby."

Liz said...

In my house it goes something like this... I play Baby Jane Hudson to my Grandmother's 93yr. old Blanche. I'll say no more.