Grande Dame Guignol: Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte

Names: Charlotte Hollis, Miriam Deering, Velma Cruther; owner of a Gothic plantation, next of kin, servant (respectively).

Location: Way down south in Dixie, actually Louisiana.

Modus Operandi (Charlotte): Seemingly deranged spinster, haunted by a beheaded beau, likes to point rifles at anyone who gets on her land, screams hysterically, seems to be pretty handy with an ax ... or is she? Definitely a good shot!

Modus Operandi (Miriam):
Seemingly caring and kind, gentle when needed and bitchy when it's called for, thinks nothing of smashing furniture over the head of the help and then kicking them down the steps, loves to conspire with others to drive her kin folks batty, bit of a slut, money hungry.

Modus Operandi (Velma): Prone to reading crime magazines, white trash and proud of it, smarter than just about anyone else, loves a nip of moonshine now and again.

Camp Factor:
Decaying antebellum mansion, three overacting divas, cheap plastic head that rolls down the steps, horrid southern accents, the title song -- and Mary Astor in her final role (as, Jewel Mayhew,) who can ask for anything else???

Played By: Bette Davis, Oliva de Havilland and Agnes Moorehead


Anonymous said...

I loved it when she dropped the big ole flower pot right on her cousin and doctor!

Tower Farm said...

Velma is one of the best characters EVER...and the fact that she's played by Agnes M. is just too perfect for words. Love the contrast between this and her "Helen" character -- the woman knew how to steal a scene from the best.