FRESH SLABS OF MEAT: Hunky Victims (3)

Victim: Tommy Ross

Film: Carrie

Hunk Factor: Beautiful blue eyes, killer smile, mop of gorgeous blond-Roger-Daltry-style hair, earnest, honest, good hearted, perfect boyfriend material.

Dispatched by: Hard edge of a steel bucket that falls onto his head.

Played by: William Katt


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how many times I went back to the theater to see that movie. Between fantasizing about having Carrie's Powers to deal with the assholes in HS and wanting to sleep with that gorgeous boy! Oh!

Pax Romano said...


I hear ya! I loved this movie. And I must have seen it six times when it first came out.

What a great cast, and with so many of them at the start of their game (Sissy, Travolta, Amy Irving, etc).

And yes, Bill Katt. Just yummy!