FRESH SLABS OF MEAT: Hunky Victims (1)

Victim: Ron Grady

Film: A Nightmare on Elm Street II - Freddy's Revenge.

Hunk Factor: Ron's a jock who sleeps in tight soccer shorts, is prone to pantsing his best bud, and has a great head of hair.

Dispatched By: Finger Knives.

Played by: Robert Rusler

Ron Screams for Mommy and Daddy to save him from Freddy


Anonymous said...

You just knew he had to be gay when you saw the Limal poster in his bedroom. lol. I also seem to remember a gay coach who gets dispatched in the shower room at school.

Pax Romano said...

That whole movie was a gay-fest. I am planning on doing a posting about it in the future.

Anonymous said...

If you're an analyst, there's so much homo-encoding in the character of Jesse, it's unreal.

Anonymous said...

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