THE FINAL BOY: Paxton of Hostel

I confess, I did not really care for Hostel - no strike, that, I fucking hated it. There was something a bit savage about it. I am not a prude, and I usually love blood and guts in my slasher films, but Hostel ... sheesh, I dunno. It seemed as if the film's only reason was to delight in the savage torture of others.

Sure, you can see all kinds of bloodletting in any of the Friday the 13th films, but those movies have a comic book quality about them, one cannot take them seriously, while Hostel's raison d'etre was to shock and sicken and nothing more.

That said, Hostel did turn the slasher genre on its ear in that the primary victims of this venture are all young horny men (as opposed to young horny women).

As the "stalked" are all male, the survivor is also.

Played by the delicious Jay Hernandez, Paxton (no last name) is the hunky American in Slovakia who does his best Jamie Lee Curtis to avoid and escape the madmen of the Elite Hunting club . In keeping with the bravery that a Final Girl/Boy, he even helps a hapless Asian woman escape her torture (though the poor girl is missing an eye by this time ... don't ask).

Sadly, from what I hear, Paxton suffers the same fate that Alice from Friday the 13th suffered in her sequel - he is killed off in the first reel of Hostel 2.

All in all, watching Hernandez, as beautiful as he might be, is no reason to watch this film. Hostel is a shit fest of garbage that is best left to moronic fan boys and sadistic fucks.

Then again, I see a great future for Mr. Hernandez in S & M films!


Anonymous said...

I hear there is a hideous castration scene in Hostel 2.

Pax Romano said...

I think I'll skip it. Hostel was the worst.