Horror Movie DILF : Paranormal Activity 3

Name: Dennis (no last name given)

Occupation: Wedding Video Photographer.

Family: Julie, girlfriend. Katie and Kristi, surrogate daughters.

Location: Santa Rosa, California

Why is he a DILF? :  Scruffy, sexy and sweet-natured, Dennis is the kind of guy who loves his girlfriend and is devoted to her two young daughters.  In fact, he's the kind of guy who will even partake of a tea party with one of the moppets.
Granted, he may not be making a lot of money as a guy who videotapes weddings; he does spend a lot of time at home, and is always ready to lend a hand. 
When things start going bump in the night, Dennis rigs his girlfriend's house will all kinds of video cameras (including one he attaches to an oscillating fan base) to see if he might be able to capture some evidence of what is happening. 
That he nicely fills out a pair of jeans, is merely a plus. 
Unfortunately, Dennis comes to an untimely end while trying to protect his girlfriend's kids when he runs afoul of some Satanic hijinks.

Played by: Chris Smith


forestofthedead said...

Great choice!

Unknown said...

hes so arrogant as well as homophobic I asked him on twitter if he was gay friendly and he just intentionally ignored it. Granted id fuck and suck and eat that hunk and his hot ass out and kiss and lick his lips for hours but still.