Movie Poster Madness: Stepping Outside The Genre Edition

When directors of thrillers step outside of their comfort zone, it can (sometimes) be a rewarding experience for both the director and the audience.  Submitted for you approval a glance at some films made by several men more known for scaring us than anything:

When James Whale, the director of 1931's Frankenstein set out to make a musical, well, he made a classic; Show Boat, was a technicolor, over-the-top film that gave the world Paul Robeson singing, Old Man River, among other cinematic thrills.

William Castle, the man who brought us The TinglerHouse on Haunted Hill, Srait-Jacket and dozens of other b-movie horror flicks, also directed this curio - a  murder mystery set in Hollywood that featured several silent film stars.  I saw this film only once at a William Castle retrospective, and loved it. 

And here's what happens when Mario Brava gives us an explotaion/sex comedy...actually not much at all.  A pretty dull movie.  Also known as
Quante volte. . . quella notte

David Cronenberg left the world of virus horror behind for a bit back in 1993 and filmed this beautiful piece concerning a diplomat who falls hopelessly in love with an Asian opera singer - the only problem, she's a he!  Hilarity ensues (not really).  This is a gorgeous adaption of the play of the same name.

When Wes Craven left Elm Street and Screams behind, for a bit, manged to do a very servicable job directing this family friendly film about  Roberta Guaspari (Meryl Streep), a woman who brings classical music and hope to inner-city kids.  Apparently this is Craven's only non horror film that he directed, as well as his only film to ever get an Oscar nomination (Streep for her performance).  Word was that Madonna was supposed to play the lead, but left the film citing those dreaded, "creative differences"...frankly, considering that Madge was replaced with Meryl; Craven (and audiences) really lucked out!

 Starman - who knew that John Carpenter could give us such a touching, heartfelt love story (pretending to be a science fiction flick)?  I mean, I am a fan of Carpenter's work, but I never thought he was the type who could also do sentimentality.

and while we are talking about Mr. Carpenter, lest we forget his 1979 TV bio pic of Elvis, starring Kurt Russell and Shelly fucking Winters!!


Jay Lynn said...

Great and thought provoking post!!

Doug said...

"Four Times That Night" looks simply madcap. Great idea for a post.

Gryphon said...

I LOOOOOOOVE '4 Times That Night!'

I love it way more than 'Rashomon,' which is what it's based on! Yeah! It's an Italian sex comedy based on Rashomon! How frickin' boss is that!?!

I love the way it sorta almost shows stuff but doesn't, which is actually sexier than, say, a lot of the Black Emanuelle movies for instance.

I love Daniela Giordano and Brett Halsey in this movie, and I'd fuck either one of them, or better yet, both of them! At the same time! RRAWAR!

I wouldn't fuck Dick Randall as the pervy doorman, but I love him maybe even a little more than Daniela Giordano and Brett Halsey, if that makes any sense - well, one or the other maybe, but probably not both at the same time.

I love just about everything about this movie from the groovy music to the lush color to the totally cheap ass but cool looking sets - some of which barely exist!

I LOVE inflatable furniture, in fact I've got my ass sitting on a piece of inflatable furniture right now as I type! F'realz!

I love any time Brigitte Skay doffs her kit in a Mario Bava movie, even if she DOESN'T get open throat surgery with a machete afterward!

I mean, what is not to love about this movie!?!

Pax Romano said...

Gryphon, yeah, but did you really like 4 Times a Night? ;)