Gentle Reader,

After much thought, I have decided that it's time to shut down Billy Loves Stu for a bit.  

It might be for a week, it might be forever, I can't say.

Lately, this all just seems like an exercise in futility ; there are a few bazillion other horror blogs out there, and I fear that BLS has just become an anonymous  face in the crowd. 

In any case, I am grateful  for  the friendships I have made due to this endeavor, and I especially want to thank those of you who read and commented on my blog over the past years - I really appreciated it. 

For now, I am going to walk away and take a break.  I might come back, I might not, who knows. 

Be Well, 

Pax Romano


Prospero said...

I will see you on Facebook, my friend.

Fred said...
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Ninja Dixon said...

I don't know about anonymous, this is the only one I know that watches horrors movies from a homo viewpoint!

Jimbot said...

First Arbogast now you, I am very sad. If Aunt John and Unk Lancifer leave what will I do?

Anonymous said...

Bummed. This is the only horror blog I follow because it offers me something different than other horror blogs.

Best wishes, Pax. Hope you change your mind.

Spooky Sean said...

Well, I'll still let you guest post on my site even if you do stop adding to this one.
And you can post as many man ass shots as you want!

Emily said...

Not. Cool.

Shirtless Lovers said...
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Aiken Small said...
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