Fresh Slabs of Meat: Horror Movie Hunks (10)

Victim: Tom
Film: Night of the Living Dead
Hunk Factor: This earnest son of Western Pennsylvania was a likable guy who always tried to be the voice of reason. Though short in stature, Tom (we don't know his last name), had a big heart, as well as nice arms, a beefy bubble butt, and a "can do" attitude that probably served him well at the 4H Club in Evans City. Tom was devoted to his girlfriend, Judy, who always seemed to have a smile for him - and how hard would that have been, to have a smile for Tom.
Dispatched by: An explosion of the truck he was trying to gas up .
Played by: Keith Wayne


wavingpalms said...

See, I want to agree (particularly re: bubble-butt in white jeans, which, somehow, does something for me) but I can't.

He looks far too much like my dad.


Carl (ILHM) said...

He's a little too a dude for my taste, but hey, I cant say Im not jealous of those arms