My Favorite Zombies: Dawn of the Dead Edition (II)

Pennies From Heaven Zombie:  Every time, it rains, this zombie finds, pennies from heaven.

Look, it's The XYZ Ghoul : I think someone forgot to button up his fly after he went winky tinks!

The Sylvia Browne Zombie: love that house coat, mama!

The Brooks Brothers Dead: Notice the cut of the suit, the perfect coif - this guy was a killer on Wall Street before he became a flesh eater in Monroeville.

Mr. Zombie Cut and Dye: Even in death, Mr. Bruce just wanted to give everyone a good dye job and a jaunty cut.

Farrah Fawcett Zombie

Mr. Arse Bite: No one can blame this ghoul for wanting to take a bite out of Roger's perky bum.

The Zombie of Summer:  Laid back, mellow, all he wanted to do was stare at Frannie and play ball.

Mama's Hungry: I love seeing a zombie enjoy her meal. 


senski said...

Growing up would have been that much more wonderful had there been a sitcom on CBS called "My Favorite Zombie."

Carl (ILHM) said...

Zombie of Summer > all, though my personal favorite would have to be Helicopter Hangover

Te* said...

The Zombie of Summer...wasn't he the perverted softball coach in the film, Mysterious Skin?