Gay Men Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger 2: Brittney-Jade Colangelo (AKA Jude Winchester)

Our next Gay Man Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger is the multi tasking Queen (and I do mean Queen) of the fucking world, Brittney-Jade Colangelo.  BJ runs the much loved blog, Day of the Woman  .  She's also got her irons in a dozen other fires.  When not twirling batons higher, further and faster than Suzanne Sugarbaker ever dreamed;  Ms. Colangelo's Inner Gay Male is a fierce drag queen!  But don't take our word for it, let's hear from Miss Thang herself:

1: Everyone knows your Female Horror Blogger Name, what's the name of the Gay Man Trapped inside?

My gay man's name is Jude Winchester, he's a tall British man with a penchant for red wine, middle eastern tapestry, Judy Garland, Tim Curry, and Steinbeck novels. However his alter ego drag name is Stella Elixir. She's a fierce bitch with the ability to turn any man her way with a flick of her four inch fingernails. It's a pleasure to meet you.

2: Does your inner Gay Man ever color your opinion on the films you are watching, and if so, how?

You know, I try to separate the two/three of us as much as humanly possible...but God damn it if I'm not a sucker for Kevin Bacon in F13 if only for that award winning bulge. It also becomes quite difficult for me not to desire someone to die simply because they have awful hair, an annoying voice, camel toe/tail, or horrible wit. This is also why Tina in Nightmare on Elm Street should have survived. Woman has a tongue as sharp as my stiletto pumps.

3: How will you be celebrating Women in Horror Month this February? Do you celebrate it? If not, why not?

Of course! I've been celebrating by promoting as many events as humanly possible and creating lists with so much Girl Power, the Spice Girls want to sue me for copyright infringement. Jude, however, thinks that by drawing so much attention to the differences in the sexes that I'm hindering the progress of women. Psh, men.

4: More importantly, how will you be celebrating Gay Pride Month this June?

Is that even a question?! I'm going to the pride marches, holding a nude bake sale, offering complimentary Brazilian waxes for any and all lesbians who are ready to trim the hedges, and I'm currently casting for an all-male Broadway tribute to DALLAS.

5: Is there a Grande Dame Moment in any horror film these days - some over-the-top performance by an actress akin to Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”?

I'm insulted you would even try to put Bette Davis in the same category as anyone other than Bette Davis. I'm so insulted, I can't even answer this question. I hope you're ashamed of yourself.

6: Who would your inner Gay Man like to see running around naked in a horror film?

Sign me up for a slice of Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Matthew Morrison! Please and thank you!

7: Who would your outer Female Horror Blogger like to see running around naked in a horror film?

Mila Kunis and Jim Sturgess. Over and over and over again. I was SO close in Black Swan, and it was more Portman than Kunis. I R Disapoint.

8: How do you balance the over-all-fabulousness of blogging with the more mundane aspects that is your life?

I've hired a small Himalayan woman named Emesta who does all of my filing, emailing, phone messaging, scheduling, and she's gotten really good at telling people "I'm in a meeting" when I'm really just playing Robot Unicorn Attack or creeping on Facebook.

9: Do you think that there are some Lesbians Trapped in the Body of Straight Male Horror Bloggers?

No. Men don't have the desires to wear Birkenstocks...ever.

10: Gay or Straight, Trapped or Out: What is your view on Horror Blogging in General these days?

I think horror blogging in general has lost that lovin' feeling. A majority of bloggers have become more concerned with becoming this pseudo e-celebrities instead of actually blogging. Horror blogs are filled with mediocre reviews of "AMAZING!" films that are actually not even qualified to wipe one's ass.

11: BONUS QUESTION: It's Friday Night, what are we drinking bitches?


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jmcozzoli said...

Did BJC say nude bake sale. Muffins? I love muffins. Where, pray tell? I'll put it down on my calendar for sure.