Gay Men Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger 1 : Andre Dumas (AKA Babs McNealy)

Someone went and made February "Women in Horror Month" - I am not sure who this person was, or what their motive may have been but here at Billy Loves Stu we love a meaningless celebration as much as the next guy.  We also love certain Female Horror Bloggers  who are so FABULOUS, they must really be Gay Men Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger.

Our first subject is the lovely and talented muscle stud, Andre Dumas who runs The Horror Digest. Andre recently sat down with us at BLS International Headquarters after a grueling work-out session at Gold's Gym and had this to say:

1: Everyone knows your Female Horror Blogger Name, what's the name of the Gay Man Trapped inside?

Babs McNealy

2: Does your inner Gay Man ever color your opinion on the films you are watching, and if so, how?
Occasionally I find that although a film may encapsulate what we in the business like to call, "great film-making"---it could still quite possibly benefit from the presence of a song and dance number.  Imagine the possibilities of Norman Bates for instance, in the midst of an ambush wearing his mother's dress and a bad wig...imagine if he broke out in song and dance. Brilliance? I think so.

3: How will you be celebrating Women in Horror Month this February? Do you celebrate it? If not, why not?

I will celebrate by attending WiH month film festivals in Boston and by running naked through the streets on my lunch break. I celebrate it for a number of reasons not because I am a woman, but because women in the horror biz are often looked over. Mostly I refer to the directorial side of the horror industry and even smaller things like women writers in print. Although I have a man's name, I always find it funny that so many of my readers assume that I am a man--even though I use terms like My VAGINA on a daily basis and talk about my cat a lot. There is also a picture of me on the sidebar. It's just one of those small things that so wonderfully points out how people are so quick to make judgments. It's the same way people for some reason always immediately refer to people's pets as a "he" without knowing.

4: More importantly, how will you be celebrating Gay Pride Month this June?

I'm from the Cape, and it is very possible that I will be attending the gay pride parade in Provincetown. I have not been to this since 8th grade which believe it or not--is where I saw my first real life penis. On a disco fever float, in which a man sitting down scantily clad in a silver mini skirt, was not wearing panties. Ah, memories.

5: Is there a Grande Dame Moment in any horror film these days - some over-the-top performance by an actress akin to Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”?

When Vincent Cassell donned a wig and a dress and played his pregnant sister in Sheitan? Does that count? Hmmm if not than maybe most recent I would possibly suggest Natalie Portman in Black Swan. Over the top in all the right places though---and exquisite.

6: Who would your inner Gay Man like to see running around naked in a horror film?

Daniel Craig...mmmmm
7: Who would your outer Female Horror Blogger like to see running around naked in a horror film?

Still, Daniel Craig.

8: How do you balance the over-all-fabulousness of blogging with the more mundane aspects that is your life?

Taking a daily Multi-Vitamin is very important. Also, lately when blogging and writing gets to be a little too much sometimes, I put on ABBA and the Village People and dance around the kitchen like a maniac. It really helps.

9: Do you think that there are some Lesbians Trapped in the Body of Straight Male Horror Bloggers?

Hmmm I don't recall too many lesbians ranking the greatness of a horror movie on how many times someone gets naked. BUT most of the straight male horror bloggers I know do have class--and so do lesbians so yes, definitely. 

10: Gay or Straight, Trapped or Out: What is your view on Horror Blogging in General these days?

Horror blogging often gets misinterpreted as a giant cry for attention or as a vehicle for self promotion. While I do believe that happens more than I would like to see--I think horror blogging in general does a lot more than people give it credit for. More often than not, people want to read reviews written by people that do not feature pop up ads of the very film they are reviewing. Or they want to divulge in a little creativity from time to time instead of the same old boring news stories. Blogging allows for that freedom. Sometimes I don't italicize movie titles not because I'm lazy but because I can! Also sometimes I use run on sentences and it feels really good.

11: BONUS QUESTION: It's Friday Night, what are we drinking bitches?

I'm partial to anything that involves gin, but cheap beer will always be in heart forever.


Aloe Vera said...
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Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

I have always said that I was a fabulous gay man trapped in the body of a frumpy straight woman. I write horror--sort of. Or perhaps my writing is simply horrible.

Pax Romano said...

Tempest, hardly! You are as fab as they come!