Why The House of the Devil is such a Great Horror Movie...

*Because any film that starts with one of those "based on true unexplained events" claims is always a lot of fun.

*Because as soon as the action starts, it's clear that The House of the Devil is not going to be another lame-ass, shaky cam, style-over-substance, piece of crap that passes for horror these days.

* Because the opening credits are decidedly, low tech and just plain awesome!

*Again, I love these opening credits; the freeze frames, the tacky Cars-like opening music - genius, sez I.

* Because any film that would feature Dee Wallace Stone,
(and not kill her off - yes, I'm looking at you Rob Zombie), is aces in my book!

* Because The House of the Devil is available on PPV BEFORE it's released theatrically, and that's a great idea. How nice to see a new movie and not be surrounded by a a bunch of ill bred folk who lack the social skills one might expect from a group of fifth graders (yes, I'm looking at you Inglourious Basterds audience at the Marlton AMC from a few weeks ago).

* Because someone posted this picture of the odd looking fellow and his missing cat on a bulletin board, and that picture made me laugh out loud! I am very fond of sight gags.

* Because Greta Gerwig, who I loved so much in Baghead, is in this movie, and she looks just like Helen Slater.

*Because the film oh so slowly moves, at a snails' pace, some might claim, leisurely setting us up for the first real shock - which comes out of no where, and makes the viewer jump out of his or her skin.

*Because Mary Woronov is in this movie, and a
s soon as she shows up, you know that deviltry is a-foot! Oh what a world this would be if Mary Woronov was in every movie. One of the last surviving "Warhol Superstars", and the star of such B-classics as Death Race 2000, Eating Raoul, and Rock and Roll High school, Woronov is just perfect in The House of the Devil as the creepy Mrs. Ulman.

Because Jocelin Donahue is perfect as the heroine, Samantha Hughes. It seems that she's channeling Karen Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. Seriously, Donahue is one terrific actress; believable, sympathetic, and made of great "Final Girl" stuff.

* Because all that hair in the bathtu
b really is creepy!

* Because by the time that scary hag shows up, you'll be screaming for your mommy!

And finally, because The House of the Devil uses elements from everything from Psycho, Halloween, The Burning and Rosemary's Baby, it's a veritable love letter to horror film fans.

Director Ti West, is a flippin' genius! Trust me. once you see The House of the Devil, you'll be writing him love letters in return!


Vince Liaguno said...

Yeah, but did you like the movie?


Carl (ILHM) said...

All.. In.. I cant wait to see this one, Im trying to be good and maintain my information fast, but I cant help but peek..

JA said...

Yes! I so agree, Pax. I finally got around to it last night and enjoyed it sooo much. In fact, I said more about it here. In fact. ;-)

But how great were Gerwig and Donahue? Ugh so great. I wanna watch it again already.