Final Proof that Jason Voorhees is Gay

I've always believed, that deep down, the only son of Pamela Voorhees was a Friend of Dorothy. Now , I have proof. If you have not already, CLICK HERE, to watch the entire "Gay Friday" series; a brilliant send-up of Mr. Voorhees as well as, one, Michael Myers.


Matt-suzaka said...

Ahh...yes, that would make sense as to why he is so angry, killing kids and all. He is ashamed and trying to fight his urges to guzzle a load, so he takes it out on hot, big tittied, teenage women!

His machete is just a phallic symbol, because he loves phallic symbols all up in his hand! I think you are really on to something…and the video proof is “hard” to ignore!

Carl (ILHM) said...

I will be releasing my long-anticipated essay on how PHANTASM is a coming of age and sexual realization piece with countless gay undertones, but I never considered Jasons sexual repression before now, good find my friend =D