Gay Men Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger 4 :Christine Hadden (AKA Marty Sylvester)

Tuesday's Gay Man Trapped in the Body of a Female Horror Blogger is that mistress of mayhem and proprietress of the blog, Fascination With Fear, Christine Hadden.  Chris is a fan of all things equestrian, a noted grammar Nazi, Vampire lover, and, as we just discovered, man of letters, murder mystery fanatic, dandy,  and gladiator movie enthusiast.

We caught up with Christine at the Rainbow Camp Grounds last summer where she was clearing some land for an afternoon poetry reading and Steve Reeves film festival:

1: Everyone knows your Female Horror Blogger Name, what's the name of the Gay Man Trapped inside? 

Marty Sylvester.  He likes using his old word processor, sexy French accents, murder mystery weekends, and most especially - movies about gladiators.

2: Does your inner Gay Man ever affect your opinion on the films you are watching, and if so, how?  

Sometimes I get a little too emotional when watching something and wonder just who that is inside me that makes me weep when poor Johnny Depp is sucked into the bed of doom in NOES.  And you know, I'm always looking for a bit of man-on-man action - what is up with that?  I mean seriously, wouldn't the remake of My Bloody Valentine have benefited from a steamy little scene between Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith? Hells yeah!

3: How will you be celebrating Women in Horror Month this February? Do you celebrate it? If not, why not?  

Last year I had a post about a Female Villain in Horror on my blog every single day of February.  I loved doing it but it just about killed me. This year I am bogged down with my (real-life) job, so it's just not possible.  I fully support WiH and love the attention that it brings to all the great work being done by women in this genre - though sometimes I feel as though we should be appreciating what women do all year round.  But it's nice to shine the spotlight regardless.  On a personal note, I am part of an up-coming all-female written issue of PARACINEMA, which will quite possibly be out this month to coordinate with WiH- so I'm pretty proud of that.

4: More importantly, how will you be celebrating Gay Pride Month this June?  

Being from a small town isn't always conducive to tolerance and open-mindedness, so there is a lot of closeted folks around here I fear.  I however, am as liberal and unprejudiced a person as you'll find, so I am open to pretty much anything. Suggestions, please??  If I lived closer to California, I would so be making a trek to San Fran this June to check out that naked bike ride I've heard so much about.  Woot! 

5: Is there a Grande Dame Moment in any horror film these days - some over-the-top performance by an actress akin to Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”?  

There's a whole lot of over-the-top going on in horror these days, but there is a blatant difference between GOOD over-the-top and just pure excessive crap.  No one can touch Bette Davis, but I sure did appreciate Ted Levine's sexy little dance in The Silence of the Lambs.

6: Who would your inner Gay Man like to see running around naked in a horror film?  

Most certainly Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide on True Blood.  If you don't know who he is I only have one word for you:  Google.

7: Who would your outer Female Horror Blogger like to see running around naked in a horror film?  

Much as I love Johnny Depp, I don't really have a wish to see him naked.  Hence, my answer is Timothy Olyphant.  But I'd like him to wear the hat from Justified please.  And if he were to be accompanied in his nakedness by one Chris Hemsworth - I wouldn't have a problem with that.

8: How do you balance the over-all-fabulousness of blogging with the more mundane aspects, that is your life?  

I watch Glee.  It grounds me and forces me to sing show tunes in the shower.  And when I need to decompress, I watch episodes of Spartacus.  Sue us, Marty and I both like men in loin cloths, okay?

9: Do you think that there are some Lesbians Trapped in the Body of Straight Male Horror Bloggers?  

There might be, but they will never (ever) admit it.

10: Gay or Straight, Trapped or Out: What is your view on Horror Blogging in General these days?  

There are a hefty number of bloggers out there that think they are the next coming of Christ as far as horror entertainment goes, and it really amuses me.  To think so highly of one's self is to be a detriment to your reputation.  Please stop the Yoda crap.

I blog because I love horror and I have an inherent need to write.  I'm thankful for the opportunities that have come my way, and even more thankful for the great friendships I have formed over the last few years with people of like minds.   But...  I hate shitty reviews about really bad films and hate shittier grammar even more, so there's a whole lot out there I just avoid.  But that's the joy of it - with blogging, you can put whatever you want out there.  Whether or not people read it, that's just icing on the cake.

11: BONUS QUESTION: It's Friday Night, what are we drinking bitches?   

Bourbon, baby.  Always bourbon.  Straight.  While wearing big, gaudy, "goin' to the Derby'-style hats of course.

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James said...

Great stuff. I love that photo of Ms Hadden with the axe.
Ooooh, bourbon! It's a bit early on this side of the pond, but go on then. Just a double. :o)