I Came Out And I All I Got Was A Crush On Robert Pattinson (guest posting for gay pride month)

* Tonight's entry is a first! Enfant terrible of the horror blogging world, Patrick Campbell on how horror blogs helped him come to accept his sexuality.

OK, the title isn't all true. The part about Robert is , call me "dude".

Actually, when I came out I got lots of support from people in the horror community.  And more interestingly;  part of why I came out was due to horror blogs and sites.

I realized in high school I was bisexual, but later found religion and so I went through years of denial. Eventually I accepted who I was, and came out last year.

One of the many things that got me to climb out of the closet was places on the web, the site Camp Blood and the blog you're reading. People like Pax made me realize I wasn't alone, there were others. They helped give me the courage to accept who I really I am. The impact these people have made on my life can't be described in words.

After  I came out I found many horror people that are fine with me being bi. Sure,  I've dealt with some homophobia, but that sadly is a fact of life  in a lot of communities. But there was much more love than hate.

I want to say you should not feel guilty about who you are, and that there is a group of people out there who are totally OK with you being gay, lesbian, bi, trans gender, whatever. You can even contact us if you want to keep things private. We don't bite.  (actually, Patrick, many of us do! - pax)

So despite countless movies with randomly topless women, there are a lot of people in the horror community who are accepting and kind. Don't judge us by the number of exposed boobs.

Heck, we even like straight people.

I hope you all have a wonderful Gay Pride Month, no matter what group of folks you fancy, and please, if you get one thing out of this remember: You are not alone. 

Patrick's Blog, can be found HERE.


jeffreygmm said...

this is lovely

Pax Romano said...

Jeffrey, isn't it?

BTW - LOVE your blog!!