From Blood Sucking Geek to C@&#K Sucking Geek: Stephen Geoffreys

You guys recall Stephen Geoffreys, don't you?  Sure you do!  He was in a handful of films back in the 80's including , Heaven Help Us, 976-Evil, At Close Range, and a little movie called Fright Night.

Fans of Fright Night, all fondly recall the super geek, Evil Ed, who uttered the classic line, "Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster!"  And who amongst us did not dab at a tear when Ed morphed into a wolf and ran afoul of Peter Vincent's (Roddy McDowell) thick stake that brought him down?

So whatever became of the impish Geoffrey's, you ask?  Sure, he managed to appear in a few other films after Fright Night, several of them A-list, and a few of them horror themed...

... but he seemed to disappear sometime around 1991.

So, where did he go?

Oddly enough,  Stephen Geoffreys left mainstream show business and found himself appearing in gay porn!

One might forgive a cinematic indiscretion on anyone's part - there are rumors that people like Sylvester Stallone, Barbra Streisand and even Chuck Connors appeared in stag films early in their career - and maybe that's to be expected, one has to make ends meet  however one can; but what sends a young actor from legitimate show biz to the world of skin flicks? I don't know, and I've yet to read anything but speculation about this career change.  There was even a rumor going around that it was not Geoffrey's appearing in the porn films, but his brother - those rumors have proved false, as ,apparently, the actor has admitted to doing porn (using the noms de porns, Sam Ritter and Stephan Bordeaux).

Lest you think these movies in question were innocent little sex comedies with a touch of bare ass thrown in, let's take a look at some of the titles:

Nope, nothing subtle here, kids.  And according to IMDB, there are at least twenty five other titles that feature Geoffrey's talents.
Despite what F. Scott Fitzgerald alleged, it would seem that Stephen Geoffrey's not only got his second act, but pretty much is working on his third;   In 2007 he scored a small role in the underground horror flick, Sick Girl, and currently he has as many as three other mainstream films in production.   I have no idea what drove him to porn - maybe the legitimate acting jobs dried up, perhaps he had a drug habit, or, who knows, possibly he might have always wanted to make dirty movies - who the fuck am I to judge? 

I for one hope he writes a juicy biography and gives us the whole story as to what happened. 


Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Naughty, naughty boy.

I must say, I saw that coming...

The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

He reminded me of a young Jack Nicholson in an off beat way. I loved him in Fright Night!!

Ninja Dixon said...

I don't know where, but I have some memory of reading an article where he said he just wanted to make porn. He felt for it and liked it.

I always thought he was kinda cute, in a freaky way ;)

Matt-suzaka said...

Yeah, I always thought it was strange that he went from being a bit of a horror icon to doing porn. It's too bad, he had a good little career going for him, and I love 976-EVIL and of course, Fright Night. Maybe he can make a cum back, but he's old and rapey looking now, not the same kid he was in the 80's.

Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Ha! Rapey looking.

satanslilsunbeam said...

I saw a porno back in the 90's and remember thinking that the guy in it reminded me of the dude in Fright Night and a few other 80's movies. Never imagined that it was actually him. LOL

Prospero said...

I've actually seen him in a one of his "films" and I have to say, he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. Either that, or he's a REALLY good actor...

Rob said...

"Scent of A Fetish"?! I wouldn't mind checking out a few of the others...

Carl (ILHM) said...

My biggest question has always been whether he is proud of the work or ashamed that fans found out about it. Itd be nice is he just came forward to clear the air and open up to fans, I cant see anyone holding it against him either way


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