ADD Film Review: Autumn

Based on the E-Novel by David Moody, Autumn is a about a virus that instantly infects most of the world's population who start hacking up blood and then dropping like flies; a handful of survivors band together to try and sort things out.  Suddenly the dead bodies come back to life but don't do much more than just stumble about ...at first...  Three folks beat a retreat to a country farm house and soon find out that the living dead are starting to get pissed off.  One of those three is Dickon (i love that name) Tolson who plays Carl, I want to cover this man in honey and eat him alive, but I digress...  David Carradine has a cameo in this film, I felt bad watching him thinking, "Is this the last movie we'll remember him for?"  But that did not last long as I focused again on Mr. Tolson and that gave me a warm feeling.  

It's low budget, somewhat effective (the zombies are pretty creepy), the acting is hit and miss, and the whole thing just sort of comes to an abrupt halt,  but you could do worse - and if nothing else, you can just bask in the hotness that is Dickon Tolson.
Dickon stares out the window wondering if his hotness can end the zombie uprising.

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