Movie Poster Madness: Zombie-Free Romero Edition

aka Hungry Wives & Jack's Wife.  I enjoyed this curio with it's early feminist theme and "groovy" atmosphere. 

aka The Affair - starring the lovely Judith Ridley.

soon to be remade...

One of the Uncle Georgie's  best - a must see!   Brilliant.  A "monster" movie about mental illness, the death of the working class, post feminism, the decay of Catholicism and the ultimate downfall of The American Dream.

This is Camelot, on motorcycles.

He finally goes mainstream!

So bad it's good.

Timothy Hutton, and Julie Harris work with Uncle Georgie!  based on a novel by a certain Mr. King.

Rumor has it that Sharon Stone was to play the lead female role in Bruiser, but she backed out at the last minute causing the producers to pull out  leaving Romero to rethink the entire film...he should have just bagged the whole thing.  I love Uncle Georgie, but this film is his worst.


Prospero said...

Knightriders was the movie that made me feel OK about being gay. God bless, Uncle George.

Ninja Dixon said...

Yes, I agree. Knightriders played an important part in my life regarding coming out and accepting myself.

I think Bruiser is a good movie - until the terrible, terrible ending.

Anonymous said...

Bruiser was pretty terrible. And the idiotic eurotrash boss was just too much. It started out with a great premise but crapped out pretty quickly.

Matt-suzaka said...

Was Bruiser the one with the post Danzig Misfits? If so, I thought it was okay from what I remember.

There are a lot of great movies here and Martin is certainly one of my favorites of the bunch. I've never seen Knightriders for whatever reason.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Interesting, have to check out KNIGHTRIDERS myself now. MARTIN > all