MOVIE POSTER MADNESS: Joan Crawford Edition

Don't fuck with her, fellas!!

Say what you will about Joan Crawford, the woman had a work ethic that would leave today's pampered little movie stars running for the door claiming "exhaustion".

Joan's entry into Grande Dame Guignol began when she appeared with fellow former A-lister, Bette Davis in the Psycho Biddy extravaganza, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? From there, Joan hitched her somewhat pickled wagon to producer, William Castle and churned out a few more films with him (including my personal fave, Strait-Jacket)

This is it, Joan's last "great" film. Over the top, and more fun than a closet full of wire hangers!

Exactly what is "uxoricide"?

AKA, Joan's carnival of horrors!

Finally, well, the less said about Trog, the better.


Doug said...

You beat me to it. I forgive ya!

wavingpalms said...

This post on La Crawford is screaming for an answer post- featuring THE ANNIVERSARY with Bette Davis and her color-coordinated eyepatches.


(JMS from facebook here... howdy!)