Book 'em B-Sol

Ready for another list? Sure you are.

B-Sol of The Vault of Horror polled the so called "Cyber Horror Elite" and has come up with the Horror Literature Top 30. It's a fascinating compilation and you can see the entire list by CLICKING HERE.

For the record, I was asked to vote, and my top ten went as follows:

10:I Am Legend: Richard Matheson
9: Something Wicked This Way Comes: Ray Bradbury

8: Rosemary's Baby: Ira Levin

7: The Scream: John M Skipp and Craig Spector

6: The Stand: Stephen King
5: The House Next Door: Anne Rivers Siddons

4: Harvest Home: Thomas Tryon

3: The Exorcist: William Peter Blatty

2: Dracula: Bram Stoker

1:'Salem's Lot: Stephen King


B-Sol said...

Thanks for the mention, Pax! It certainly is provoking some debate, which after all, is the whole point :-)

kindertrauma said...

Great list! I just read "The House Next Door" and I loved it. Nice to see Rosemary's Baby here too. -Unk

Ninja Dixon said...

"Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Even when I just read the title it gives me the chills. Love it. And Bradbury was (is) one of the best american genre-writers ever lived.